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Driving the pain?!

2018 Posted on Wed, September 26, 2018 15:09:20

In the UK like it or not we rely heavily on cars, vans and other road vehicles to get us from A to B with the DVLA estimate that there were approximately 45.5 million driving licences in 2015, that is two out of ever three people in the UK. The Department of Transport in 2016 reported on a 7 fold increase of drivers since the 1950s, with 20% of us travelling longer distances since the mid 90s along with the statistic that most of us travel by car the majority of the time. From a Chiropractic point of view, this result in a lot of time most of us spend sitting in cars, which looks set to increase as well.

So in my mind sitting in a comfortable way to support the natural shape of the spine will be essential to prevent issues down the road (so to speak!). estimate that drivers who suffer from back pain report that driving makes it worse in 30-60% of cases.

Here are a couple of Common bad habits that I find people do:

There is a tendency out there for people to place the back of their chair in a laid back position and it is true that this may provide some instant relief in the lower back, however if you could take a step back and see yourself you would notice the negative impact it has on your neck and shoulders as you will likely be reaching and craning your neck forwards for the steering wheel, which is likely to cause problems at some point.

People don’t always take enough breaks. I always say to people if we can eliminate the things that cause the pain, life will be more comfortable straight away. If you are experiencing back pain and driving makes it worse then stopping for a few minutes, getting out of the car, stretching and/or having a short walk may reduce or reset the discomfort instead of allowing it to get worse and worse throughout a journey, again pain is there for a reason!

On top of my quick advice above, a fantastic resource (which I often give to people) can be found here from the charity back care, which provides more detail on an ideal set up for your car seat along with some other back care advice around driving including some helpful exercises.

Of course Chiropractic is certainly not all about backs and not all about pain, so why not come and see one of us and see if Chiropractic can help you.

Nutritional Myth Busters

2018 Posted on Tue, September 04, 2018 20:55:40

Butter v Margarine?

Diary or no Diary ?

Low fat V Full Fat?

Should you avoids eggs because of cholesterol?

You should use artificial sweeteners to reduce your sugar intake?

Are you confused ?

Well you and the rest of us.

Here’s a great article from Jordan Pie, a practicing holistic Nutritionist at Changing Habits that helps debunk some of these common myths.

Yours in Chiropractic,


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