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Happy Christmas from all of us

2015 Posted on Wed, December 16, 2015 16:54:47

Happy Christmas from all of us at the Chiropractic Partnership!

This will be our last blog for 2015, but before we start an exciting new year here are some tips to help you all over the Christmas period:

1. When carrying a lot of shopping, try to ensure that bags are carried evenly between each arm to stop you going wonky and when you have to stand in a long queue, keep transferring your weight from one leg to another to reduce the stress on muscles and joints.

2. Watch out when carrying large items and avoid twisting and bending, and try to share the load with someone else where possible.

3. Wrap presents on a table or kitchen worktop, sitting upright with good posture and avoid the trap of spreading everything out on the floor and having to bend and twist for prolonged periods with a poor posture.

4. Preparing a big Christmas meal can often take a long time do what you can in advance and spread it out over a couple of days, leaving you less to do on the day. Bend your hips and knees (not your back) when manoeuvring food into the oven.

5. Sitting still for long periods of time aggravates back pain and is unhealthy. Make sure that you change position regularly and get up and walk about at regular intervals (at least once an hour).

6. Falling asleep on the sofa is often a recipe for neck and back issues. Try to avoid it if possible, but if you know you can’t, then put a towel around your neck to support your head if you nod off.

7. Planning a long car journey over christmas? Take regular breaks, stretch, and share the driving if possible to keep the aches and pains at bay.

8. Shopping can be stressful so plan your time to do it when its quiet in the city, plan your journey to prevent you from going from end to end of the city, take your time Shopping don’t let the stressed people get to you. Better still do it online (if there is still time).

9. Park your car close to where you are shopping if you are planning to be carrying lots of things it will save you and your back feeling like a pack horse going up the himalayas.

10. Plan something to keep you active over the festive period such as some long walks, a cycle or a run to help keep the problems that come with a sedentary lifestyle at bay!

Most of all have fun and enjoy the time that you have with friends and family!

What is GARLIC good for?

2015 Posted on Mon, November 23, 2015 17:42:32

The benefits of garlic fall into four main categories:

  1. Reducing inflammation
  2. Boosting immune function
  3. Improving cardiovascular health and circulation
  4. Toxic to some cancer cells and parasites and infections.

Some people are surprised that at the first signs of feeling run down or a sniff I turn to the fantastic healing benefits of garlic amongst other things.

If you read on you will find out why this may not be so daft!

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