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Prioritising our lives

2014 Posted on Wed, December 24, 2014 09:38:24


people struggle with how they’re going to manage their time and how they’re
going to fit in everything they want in a day.
Many feel as though they’re forever running, forever catching up, yet
still behind—from children, to the workplace, to household chores.

With busy lifestyles many people have forgotten about something
that’s absolutely crucial—themselves and what they value most. Are you living your truth, within your
values and are you spending your time in the way that matches your
priorities? Makes you think hey?

There is a philosophy that if we know what we value then we will
use our time more productively and effectively and lead more balanced lives.

We all have 24 hours in a day, so let’s leave out the 7 or 8 hours
of sleep (more on that subject later), so that leaves 16 hours to play with.
What you do with those hours will depend on what you value, what you think is
most important and what your vision is and what goals you want to put in place
to achieve this vision.

So what is most important to you? Is it your family, your health,
your friendships, your finances, your community, the environment or perhaps
your career? Ask yourself—looking at the
different areas of life –“what do I value most right now, health, career,
family or friends? What in my life needs
polishing the most? Do I have a one-year
vision for the area of my life I want to work on the most?”

How do you connect with what’s most important? At different times
in your life, different areas of your life will be more and less important, so
get clear what you value right now and prioritise your time
accordingly. Look for the area in your
life where you feel the most frustration or disappointment, being in touch with
how you feel and coming face-to-face with what’s not right is the first step to
creating changes and achieving the super life you are waiting to live. It’s about making every day, every moment
count by focusing on what is important to you.

The key to reaching a goal is to be specific and keep it foremost
in your mind.

We challenge you to start using a daily list to accomplish what
you want. List the things that you want
to do in a day that will bring you closer to your values and your vision of a
fulfilling life, whether it’s changing jobs or getting fit. At the end of each day review your list, see
what you’ve completed. Celebrate your successes, notice your setbacks without
judgement and take corrective action when you need to and without beating
yourself up.


2014 Posted on Wed, December 24, 2014 09:15:41

On behalf of
us all at The Chiropractic Partnership we wish you all a happy and healthy
Festive season. We look forward to
inspiring you to health, wellness and wellbeing through 2015.

Are you
“Hungry for Change” in 2015?

Wednesday 4 February 2015 is MOVIE NIGHT !

Join The Chiropractic Partnership 7pm at The Forum –

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