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Partnership Patter

Partnership Patter

Advice and insights into Chiropractic and Health from the Chiropractic Partnership. Looking after the people of Norfolk

Roger Wood

About us Posted on Mon, November 17, 2014 15:17:32

I was born and educated in South Africa;
having mainly grown up on the sports fields and the beaches of Durban. Sport and outdoor living has provided me with
so much in my personal development and it was my love of sports and performance
that attracted me to Chiropractic as a career.
After spending time observing chiropractors whilst still at high school
I has hooked. Chiropractic ticked all
the boxes and more! Following completion
of my master’s degree in chiropractic and gaining experience as a locum chiropractor
I retraced my parent’s tracks and came over to the UK.

I have been practicing in the UK since 1998
– mainly serving the people of Norwich and Norfolk. In 2005 opened Innate
Family Chiropractic Centre. My love of chiropractic
and of sport in general (in recent years particularly the game of golf) has
opened up numerous opportunities for me to work with a wide range of sportsmen
and woman through the years. I have gained further certification through the Titleist
Performance Institute (TPI) and love combining my experience in golf fitness/ biomechanics
and performance with chiropractic to take care of the athlete.

Innate Family Chiropractic Centre has a
strong focus providing chiropractic care to the whole family. It is through my
own experiences of family life and chiropractic that I have developed a special
interest in the chiropractic care of the pregnant mother-to-be and the newborn
baby. I cannot over-emphasize the
benefit of the art, science and philosophy of regular, wellness chiropractic
care for the optimum expression of health, life and wellbeing.

The collaboration of all the chiropractors
within The Chiropractic Partnership is something quite unique and special. It allows us to support each other within our
practices; we get to share our experiences and knowledge for our patients’
benefit. It also allows us to join
forces in our mission to inspire and promote the vitalistic, chiropractic
wellness approach to health throughout our community. It’s in
the TIC not the Tor!

Lara Miloserdovs

About us Posted on Sun, September 14, 2014 17:49:35

I grew up
in sunny South Africa and was already studying in Durban when I first came into
contact with Chiropractic. I had been suffering with neck pain and headaches
for over a year and had been told to “live with it”, I was only 21!

My new GP
suggested that I try the Chiropractic Student Internship Clinic in Durban,
where they improved things and left such an impression on me that I decided to
change my path of study and train to be a Chiropractor.’

a move of countries half way through, I graduated with a Masters degree in
Chiropractic from the Anglo-European
College of Chiropractic
following 6 years of study, 3 of which
were at the Durban Institute of Technology in
South Africa. 

I have been living in Norwich since 2006 and opened my own
practice in 2010 with my husband Stefan White, our practice manager. He is now
a student chiropractor- my passion for chiropractic was contagious! 😉

to become a chiropractor has had a profound effect on my life and that of my
family. It is not just a career you have chosen but a lifestyle choice.
Chiropractic views health holistically and we follow the principle that
dis-ease and then disease is as a result of a combination of 3 stressors on the
body, physical, chemical and emotional stressors. If you aim to live your life
keeping these three areas under control you will be healthy. For me that
involves swimming daily and making sure we cook from scratch always. A house
rule is we have to have something green at each meal (much to my husbands
disgust sometimes!)

Chiropractic Partnership has been born out of these shared
philosophical principles of Chiropractic; it is what has drawn us
together. It has been great to have the support of each other in practice and outside
in our efforts to inspire our local communities to choose vitalist Chiropractic
as an aid in reaching their optimal potential.

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