Recently we held an essential oil workshop for home use. It was run by some lovely ladies from DoTERRA. A well known and established brand. The ladies who work with us chose to attend too and were both surprised at the diversity of things oils could be used for, not just to use as “an air freshener in a smelly room!” They were also surprised at the wealth of research behind essential oils the presents informed us about!. Oils have also been used going back to the bible days ( frankincense) and in the world wars for their antiseptic and antibiotic properties( lavender oil in particular). France had its lavender fields taken over by the army for supply to hospitals near the front line! In recent years its gained popularity to help with moods. Below is little recipe we were given by the ladies, that I must say perked up my grumpy 2 year old one morning and also we noticed when diffusing it in clinic on a few shift resulted in most of our clients and staff in fits of giggles!

Happy Blend

Wild Orange 2drops

Frankincense 2drops

Lavender 2drops

SO don’t worry, be happy, explore, and tickle your senses!

This week coincidentally there is an essential oil free online summit running: Check it out here:

Great essential oil sites:


THE ABOVE DOES NOT PROVIDE OR REPLACE MEDICAL ADVICE. The information above is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If using topically or orally, less is usually more, try a small test patch/area or amount first to be on the safer side. Not all oil is of a food grade level to be consumed, check with the supplier.